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  3. The Shapeshifters: The Kiesha'ra of the Den of Shadows by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Didn't see any of that ending the way it did. It hashed out completely different than I would have expected or even dreamed, but I still absolutely loved it to pieces. This match was a first if you know what I mean ; This one pretty much could compete with the first book plot loving wise and surpassed my expectations for plot twists and surprise endings.

Book 5: Wyvernhail I wasn't really impressed with Wyvernhail. It seemed to revolve around politics and lost that sense of a love story that seemed to carry throughout the rest of the books and it also lacked the closure I felt was necessary for such a monumental book. Also it felt like the only reason that Amelia Atwater-Rhodes wrote the last book was to tie up all of the loose political ends she left at the end of Wolfcry, not because there was a story that was actually worth telling.

I was rather disappointed in this last book, but if you want to have a somewhat tied up end then you have to read this book to get it, because it comes about in a way you wouldn't think possible. View 1 comment. Sep 30, Teril rated it it was amazing. I had a late night of reading last night and yesterday and I decided to read all of Amelia Atwater Rhodes shifter's series in one huge compilation.

If you have never read and of Rhode's books, your should totally pic one up. These stories are short and sweet. In each story there is a tale of love overcoming and obstacle overcome, even diplomacy between animal groups. There are leaders, lovers, last chances and dramatic moments in the stories. The central characters are making huge growth in them I had a late night of reading last night and yesterday and I decided to read all of Amelia Atwater Rhodes shifter's series in one huge compilation.

The central characters are making huge growth in themselves and in what they want for their people. If you want to sit down to a series and come out feeling really good and happy for everyone in the end, then pick up the Kiesha'ra series. It will not leave you disappointed.

Apr 07, Jmart rated it it was amazing. Holy freaky jesus!!!!!! I will tell you one thing! You have to read it! You should read it.

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Jul 10, Laura Martinelli rated it liked it Shelves: own , young-adult , sci-fi-fantasy. Ah, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, the purple prose enabler of my youth. Between seventh and tenth grade, I devoured the entire Den of Shadows quartet and loved them. Because this is one continuous story, just experienced by different characters. But the really weak part of this whole series, and this is a problem that I have with nearly all of her books, is that Atwater-Rhodes cannot write a decent climax to save her life.

She does great character studies. I like it when her climaxes are contained and small battles and the big breakthrough is for the character emotionally. Here, this feels like she so wants this series to be big and epic and sweeping and every single volume ends with the characters talking at one another. I get the backstory, I do. I get that this world has seen so much bloodshed that none of the main characters wants to continue…but I never get the idea that the stakes are high enough that bloodshed will be inevitable. Only one major named character dies in this series, and her murderers are brought to justice without a big fuss.

I may have swore a lot at that reveal. One of my main problems with Hawksong is that each side manages to handle their respective leaders marrying for politics with relative ease. And it never escalates in any of the further books.

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Falcondance and Wyvernhail were the two weakest books in the series, in my honest opinion. And Wyvernhail in particular. Again, I do give Atwater-Rhodes credit for creating a series with a complex mythology and sticking with it. Den of Shadows mythology was wibbly at points. But the lack of any consequence or stakes pretty much kills my enjoyment of the series.

Jan 19, Jade rated it really liked it Shelves: heroes-i-loved , favorites , would-read-again , reviewed. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. It took me a while to finish it. Yes, I admit this. But I loved it all the same. I loved Danica's book. Absolutely adored it. She was amazing, fierce and took the steps to protect her country. And let's face it. I love wings. The avians weren't my favorite shapeshifters the serpiente were , but seeing them through her was different because she grew to love Zane and how she handled her emotions through her avian will was both challenging and romantic.

Then Zane came along. And I liked him, don't It took me a while to finish it. And I liked him, don't get me wrong. But it just wasn't the same as Danica. I loved Zane through her eyes. But he was still good to read. I suppose the hardest part was that Zane's book was more about two other shapeshifter's than it was about him and Danica. And I was still on a high from them. So when I got to the third book, with Nicias, I was a bit disappointed. It's plenty of years later, no one we know is present, and we are introduced to a whole new world.

I felt like it was a book that had to be thrown into the middle to introduce a character that was pivotal for the another book. I love Nicias, absolutely find him to be a favorite character, in the last two books through other characters eyes. But in his own book?

Don't really care at all. I wasn't moved to make a connection with him in his own story. The fourth book, Oliza's, was much better. I found I liked Oliza much better than I thought I would. And we came back to familiar territory, thank god. I've read from other reviews that they found Oliza to be whiney or what-not. But in all honesty, she was born to a kingdom still harboring the hatred and pain of thousands of years of bloodshed, that she was working very hard to dispel and bring together. And whom she all loved very dearly but couldn't figure out how to do that but stay true to her own heart.

And in the end her decision had me crying. The only time I was truly moved to emotion in one of these books. And thus the fifth book, Hai. Truly I found this one better than the fourth. Hard to say if I liked it better than the first, but I really loved it. Hai was an interesting character to be a part of and at times I felt confused because that was how her mind worked.

But it was intriguing and the way she opened up and her developing feelings for a certain shapeshifter who I love through other people's eyes had me gobbling this book up in four hours. These books are so short they should be relatively easy to read. I loved them. May 18, Hayley rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Everyone. Definitely some of the best books I've ever read. My favorite of all the books had to be Wolfcry. Whenever Oliza or Hai performed a sakkri'a'she , I cried almost every time, especially the one that showed Keyi with one of the Obsidian guild.

One of my favorite, but saddest quotes is "I want to chase the butterflies," -Keyi Wolfcry. Sep 09, Misti rated it it was ok Shelves: fantasy. This book is really 5 semi-short stories around pages each. I don't really like short stories but thought maybe I could handle this one. I really liked the first story about Zane and Danica and wish that one would have been longer so the author could have focused a little more on the world building.

The other stories didn't really catch my interest and I didn't even read the last one. Jul 27, Victoria rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites-will-be-read-repeatedly. I really enjoyed this book. I read them all together and finished them in about 3 days. The first and third were probably my favorite but all together they are still worth 5 stars!

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Jun 19, Eddie Watson rated it it was amazing. I originally read this series in middle school, where it was pitched by the school librarian. I read Hawksong at the time and fell in love. Sometimes when I revisit books or shows that I liked when I was younger, I find problematic things that I missed when I was younger. Revisiting this series, I was happy to see the book series was as I remembered.

I would say that my rating of five stars likely includes my nostalgia, and also accounts for the original age which I read this series middle school I originally read this series in middle school, where it was pitched by the school librarian. It was nice to revisit something that I loved 10 years ago and see exactly what I loved about it all over again.

Dec 12, Dan Carmo rated it really liked it. Jun 07, Juleena Bauer rated it it was amazing Shelves: pleasure. This book is gripping I stayed up often quite late to finish the "next" chapter. So unique I read this series in highschool and finally found it again as an adult. It's so good! Sep 05, Kim Houle rated it it was amazing. I didn't think i was going to enjoy reading this book and had bought it on a whim. As i read the book I started to get into the book and throughly enjoyed the book.

Jun 28, Trina Collins rated it it was amazing. This series brought me through twists and turns some expected many not. It was an adventure I am glad to have taken. Nov 25, Natalie rated it it was amazing. This is one of those books I keep coming back to and reading from cover to cover.

Each time, I discover something new, or I see things from a new perspective. Apr 10, Stacy rated it it was amazing. Overall this is a great fantasy series and I am impressed with the writing, world-building and varied depth of the characters…and I am completely sad it is over. Peace is brought about warring clans through the altruism of two young heirs to different thrones, avian Danica and serpiente Zane.

While the plot Overall this is a great fantasy series and I am impressed with the writing, world-building and varied depth of the characters…and I am completely sad it is over. Snakecharm: Another great story of love and sacrifice. This time however it is an unborn child and her destiny that is the crux of the story. While this book is not like the first with the budding romance it is filled with mystery, deception and some really good action that keeps the story moving. I absolutely could not get enough of Nicias Silvermead. He and Oliza have an amazing friendship based on trust and it is evident in his regard for her, watching out for her and her future even if a determent to his own desires.

Is he perfect? No, he makes mistakes. Those mistakes make him stronger, a better person. Wolfcry: Hands down, the worst book in the series.

PAWSA - The Shapeshifter

This book picks up shortly after the last, and from the perspective of Oliza. As the heir Tuuli Thea and Diente, she needs to find a mate to further solidify the still new union of the avian and serpiente courts. Taken by the Shapeshifters By Jayme Knight. Adult Taboo Erotica. Fleeing an attack on her village Julie is rescued by someone that seems familiar. Taken to a secret village she soon realizes all is not as it seems. The creatures there can change their appearance, read her deepest thoughts and know her innermost urges.

Her mind will be invaded, her innocence will be lost as her young virgin body is taken and bred by the Shapeshifters. Taken by the Shapeshifters takes place in a medieval world of magic and mystery. It is meant for mature readers over 18 years of age. I mean, it's human, more or less. Has human drives -- and in this case it's money. But it generates its own skin, it can shape it to match someone else's features, you know, taller, shorter, male,.

Shapeshifters can change their form so as to appear as any person living, dead, or fictional. Unlike most monsters , shifters have appeared to have purely human drives that have ranged from jealously, greed and loneliness. It appears that not all the shapeshifters have the exact same abilities: Dean says that the one they encounter in Milwaukee shifts faster than the one they saw in St. Hideous and hated.

The Shapeshifters by Olga Sofia Dominguez Salcedo

Until he learned to become someone else. Dean tells detective Sheridan "Oh, yeah. That wasn't me either. That was a shapeshifter creature that only looked like me. A shapeshifter is killing people and taking on their appearances in order to commit robberies in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bank employee Ronald Resnick works out that something not human is behind the crimes. At a bank it intends to rob, the shapeshifter is identified by Sam and Dean based on retinal flare in security footage they assume the shifter will strike the City Bank of Milwaukee as it had taken on the form of the bank manager.

They are unable to kill it because Ronald takes the people in the bank hostage, searching for the Mandroid. Sam and Dean take control of the hostage situation, but the creature shifts more than once in an attempt to escape them. It takes on the form of a bank teller, Sherri , and pretends to be deceased so the Winchesters will kill the real Sherri. But when the real Sherri faints when confronted, Sam realizes what the shifter had done. When the FBI and police break into the bank, the shapeshifter attacks Dean and escapes again to the boiler room where. Dean chases it down and eventually manages to gain the upper hand and stabs the shapeshifter in the heart with a silver letter opener, killing it.

When Sam and Dean find the corpse of Steve Wandell , and watch video footage of what appears to be Sam killing him. Dean suggests it may be a shapeshifter, but the suggestion is shot down by Sam, because the lack of retinal flare or distortion on the video. When Dean arrives at Bobby 's doorsteps after being resurrected, Bobby initially believes him to be a shapeshifter.

A shapeshifter finds comfort and inspiration in the great Hollywood classic monsters. He attacks several victims during the Oktoberfest celebrations in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, first as a Dracula-style vampire his preferred form , then as a Wolf Man and again as a mummy. He is in love with Jamie , who ends up shooting him with silver bullets after he lures her, Dean , and Sam into his basement lair, completely furnished with props and set dressings.

The Shapeshifters: The Kiesha'ra of the Den of Shadows by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

A shapeshifter is imitating men, impregnating their partners, and then returning when the child is six months old to kidnap it. Sam and Dean manage to rescue one baby, which they call Bobby John. While in a market getting supplies, the baby is crying and a woman approaches and offers help. Dean spots retinal flare in her eyes on the security cameras and, while the shifter tries to steal the baby, they manage to get away, only to find out that the baby itself is a shapeshifter when it changes from a Caucasian baby to an African American one based on an image it sees on a pack of diapers.

The shifter from the store, now in the guise of a police officer, catches up to them in a motel room, and Sam shoots it through the heart, killing it. They take the baby to the Campbells' compound , where Samuel decides they should raise it themselves. According to Samuel, Christian Campbell and his wife, Arlene, have been trying for a baby. Christian agrees to take in and raise the baby Shapeshifter, but they are then attacked by the Alpha Shapeshifter , who is immune to gunshots, a silver knife in the heart, and elephant tranquilizers.

The Alpha kills Mark Campbell , overpowers the others, and takes the child. This shapeshifter seemingly is able to transform just by looking at somebody and can transform in just a few seconds without shedding its skin. Crowley has chained the Alpha Shapeshifter to a chair in his monster prison. It has assumed the form of Crowley's meatsuit , and is not cooperating. The demon keeps demanding that the shapeshifter reveal the location of Purgatory , but the Alpha claims that it doesn't know where to find it. Crowley comments that through experiments conducted on "lesser" shapeshifters, he has found something that will harm the Alpha : iridium.

He holds up an iridium knife and threatens to start removing "the parts that stick out" if the shifter does not start talking. The Alpha still denies knowledge of Purgatory , so Crowley stabs it.