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There's always a palpable power struggle during a texting conversation. Every time you send a text message, there is always a possibility that you will be ignored. No matter how important you think your text is, the receivers can just put their phones in their pockets and disregard your existence. This kind of thing can't happen in real life. Someone can't ignore you when you're face-to-face. So, because we unfortunately live in a world in which vulnerability is weakness and a lack of power, sending a text means you just lost a little bit of power. Whoever receives your text has your vulnerability in his or her hands and therefore has the power.

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The more time that passes without a response, the more power the receiver has. It's just the science of texting. Your anxiety will have just been building upon itself for hours until it crumbles into a feeling of abandonment and shame.

Did He Stop Messaging You? (What To Do)

You'll be on edge until you get -- or don't get -- an answer. If you have an iPhone, you know about the dreaded Read Receipt. If you don't have an iPhone, you've probably experienced this same phenomenon with Facebook's "Seen" message that pops up when someone has read your message.

The Most Annoying Guy Texting Behavior Ever

The Read Receipt is the absolute worst invention ever. Read Receipts and things like them contribute to the false sense of power that texting creates. This can mean one of two things: either that person wants you to know he or she saw your message and are just busy right now and will answer soon, or that he or she wants you to know he or she saw your message and is purposely ignoring you.

As most Read Receipt users are not noble, we all know the second one is the most common use of the Read Receipt. Read Receipts assert dominance. They say, "I've definitely seen your message, and you will definitely know whether or not I choose to acknowledge it. Now, you can wallow in wondering why. Read Receipts also create a sense of urgency.

Say you have your Read Receipt turned on and the person who texted you knows you saw the message. If you can't answer in a timely matter, you might feel guilty because that person knows you saw the text, but just aren't responding. You may rush yourself into answering, which will cause you to resent that person. I'd rather rationalize self-delusional excuses as to whether or not you saw my text than learn the cold, hard knowledge that comes with the Read Receipt.

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All lies. Our phone is not just our phone; it's our alarm clock, our email, our source of news, our social media, our camera, our weather source, our bank accounts and more. Excuses for not answering texts can be legitimate. Maybe you were at your brother's baseball game, maybe you were at a family dinner, or maybe you were working overtime and were taking a nap. Those are very reasonable excuses not to answer a text, and I am, in fact, proud of you for sacrificing technology to engage in real life. However, to say that the reason you didn't answer is because you were not looking at your phone or didn't get the text is to lie.

You saw it. Of course, there is more a driver can do on a phone than texting. Texting while driving truly is a devastating issue. Several studies have found it to be more dangerous than drunk driving, which in my opinion should suffice as a basis for a discussion regarding harsher sentences. There are certainly reasons to be doubtful of voice assistants in cars. However, the study was done in with 43 participants using fairly underdeveloped versions of Siri and Vlingo. Today, voice assistants are much faster and more capable, and they have plenty of room for improvement.

Voice applications for cars is certainly another form of distraction, and the alternative of no mobile stimulus at all, is much safer. Sign in Get started. Mar In an interview in The Drive , neuroscientist Sam Harris presented a horrifying idea for a website that would undoubtedly put things into perspective for people: Imagine a website where you present the texts that were the proximate cause of death. Voice Voice is a comparatively new technology, but it has already become very interesting.

Does everything from text messaging to giving directions and playing your favorite audiobook. Garmin Speak : Like above, without charging. Claims to do more, a bit better-looking. Find a parking lot, or pull over at a safe location on the side of the road. If you drive an older model vehicle, invest in a cell phone with Bluetooth technology and voice recognition technology that will allow you to send and receive messages hands-free.

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In , 1. Texting and driving makes you twenty-three percent more likely to be involved in an accident. Many people get to the DMV overconfident and underprepared because they fail to do some of the simple things that would allow them to pass easily. What follows are the 10 steps that every aspiring driver should take to prepare for his or her official knowledge exam. Updated May 1, Up next.

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