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Description: Discover how to create illustrations through Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, while learning the similarities and differences between the two applications. Description: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in space? Join us to see what astronauts and a variety of other species traveling to or born on the International Space Station ISS need to do to adapt in this unique environment. Investigate real butterflies at various stages in their life cycle, and compare them to a simulation of their counterparts in space!

Please Note: This class will be taught two times over four weeks this summer two consecutive weeks in July and two consecutive weeks in August both during the 10 am time slot.

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There is no prerequisite and the sections may be taken out of order; however, taking them in sequence is recommended. Description: Engineer a roller coaster for the HiTech Carnival! Using K'nex, students will build a scale model of an automated roller coaster!

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Bring your family and friends to the event to show off what you built during class! Visit hclibrary. During the first week, develop education goals, and plan for college and beyond. Explore your individual aptitudes and strengths and how they correlate to leadership styles, then discuss the role of ethics and values in leadership. During the second week, meet STEM leaders at various points in their careers.

Work in teams to engineer an exciting project to show off at the HiTech Carnival on August 10! This is a two-week class, Monday - Friday from 10 am - pm.

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Students will be given a 30 minute lunch break each day. Register once for all ten classes, July and July 15 - Description: Songs, stories, and activities for children and adults to enjoy together. Description: Start off the week with a film and activity. Movie lengths vary. Description: Shining, shimmering, floating, POP! Enjoy a story, learn about the how and why of bubbles, and make a craft.

Description: Need help accessing eBooks, eAudiobooks, or streaming content on your laptop, phone, or tablet? Drop in with your technology related questions. Description: Feeling crabby? Come explore the amazing scientific concepts that make the Chesapeake Bay unique. Students in this class will study the flora and fauna that lies beneath our own Chesapeake Bay Bridge, as well as the civil engineering behind the bridge itself.

Description: Explore chemistry in a fun and colorful environment! Conduct experiments that range from the physical and chemical properties of matter, to Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry, and even Acid-Base Chemistry. Description: Enhance your math savvy to improve your ACT score! Relieve test anxiety by taking practice tests in a low-risk environment and gain full comprehension of what to expect on test day.

Examine the types of problems that are presented on the ACT and acquire test taking skills that will last a lifetime. Description: Deflategate and the ideal gas law? Bend it like Beckham? What is a knuckle ball? Learn about the physics behind your favorite sports with hands on experiments. Description: Learn how the digital single lens reflex camera is engineered to utilize part of the electromagnetic spectrum we call visible light. Obtain hands on experience using a DSLR camera and learn numerous picture-taking techniques. Contribute to a database of photographs that will be used to promote future HiTech classes.

Description: Experience virtual environments or play virtual reality games with Oculus Rift! Grades 6 - Build this classic carnival game from scratch using Arduino micro-controllers, sensors and software to project the race in real time to a large projection screen. See whose horse will win! Build this classic carnival game from scratch using Arduino micro-controllers, pressure sensors, and LED lights. Whoever can light up the most lights wins! Ages with adult; allow 30 minutes. Description: Ages ; 30 min.

For children who are ready for an independent class that includes creative expression, listening comprehension, and early reading skills.

Description: Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a crime scene investigation? Now you can by learning the techniques forensic scientists use to crack a case. Learn about document analysis, ink chromatography, fiber identification, and trace evidence. Description: Do you find product advertisements vague and confusing?

Don't get mad - put the products to the test utilizing the scientific method. Hone your science and research skills while comparing product claims. Have fun sharing results and conclusions with others in the class. Description: Are you taking pre-algebra or algebra 1 and need to learn about probability? Do it the fun way and get a head start with this probability and statistics class! Play games, solve puzzles, and more, all while learning the basics of probability and statistics. Description: Include access to the sound booth and other HiTech equipment to record and mix music or create movies.

Registration preferred. Drop-in, but priority given to those who register. Description: The brain is a powerful yet mysterious organ that is waiting to tell you its secrets. Get experience with a life-size catapult, and learn the physics and history behind them. Engineer your own scale model, then compete in various challenges with your team's catapult! Bring your family and friends to the event to show off what you did during the class!

Description: Engineer a drone show for the HiTech Carnival! Program a squadron of drones using block coding to perform a coordinated flight presentation at the Carnival! With colored kite tails attached and synchronized music, we are going to wow the crowd! No experience necessary.

Description: Engineer a dunk tank for the HiTech Carnival! Build a modified version of this classic carnival game from scratch, using mechanical engineering principles to make a splash! Description: Collaborate with friends to create a movie! Learn the basics of stop motion animation - sculpt characters, storyboard plot, design sets, and photograph stills. Invite your friends and family to a special movie viewing party on the last day of camp. Jul series. Description: Join us as we explore binary code basics and practice deciphering codes. Compete in groups in a trivia game to solve binary code problems.

Description: Interested in learning how you become what you eat? Explore the digestive and urinary systems and learn about the biochemical processes that simultaneously alters that hamburger you ate into usable bio-energy and waste. Learn about fingerprinting, foot printing, and hair, saliva, and DNA analysis.

Strange Happenings: Five Tales of Transformation by Avi

Description: Learn how to use Blender, an open-source, 3D design program. Create virtual spaces that, when rendered properly, give the illusion of photographic representation. Applications as diverse as architectural design prototypes, video games, animation, and even prosthetic limbs and organs rely on the tools of computer-aided design CAD programs. So, if you are interested in designing, animating or printing 3D objects, start here! Description: Get hands-on experience in the ancient art of paper folding! Students will see how origami can be used to create structures like solar panels, bridges, and packing materials.

They will take a close look at tessellating polygons and how, with the art of paper folding, these amazing structures can be used by scientists and engineers. Description: Bring your problem-solving skills and prepare to compete in a variety of challenges that will take your understanding of robotics to the next level with LEGO Mindstorms programming.

No previous knowledge required.

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Build this classic carnival game from scratch using Arduino micro-controllers, sensors and software to keep score of your game. Highest score wins! Description: An introduction to everyday English using the Burlington English computer program. This class is suitable for beginning learners. Description: Let the stars be your guide as you make celestially-inspired jewelry and magnets. Description: Bilingual stories and music just before bedtime. Pajamas, teddy bears, and blankets welcome. Pijamas, ositos de peluche y cobijas son bienvenidos.

Description: Improve your ability to communicate and interact in English in a fun and casual setting. Description: Investigate the wavelengths of light through a series of experiments using UV beads. Learn about the harmful properties and UV light, how to detect it, and protect yourself with an activity on absorption. Description: Stories and music just before bedtime. Description: Share your original near-publication ready writing with other experienced writers to critique and exchange feedback. Description: Discuss gardening questions. Mondays, except holiday weekends; 7 - pm.

Description: On your mark, get set All you have to do is lace-up your sneakers and come walk with us. Walkers of all ages and abilities meet at the Enchanted Garden for a minute walk around the campus, weather permitting. Ages infant months; allow 20 min. Description: Improve your English language skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Description: Move and groove to space-themed tunes.

Description: Stories, songs, and play with toys. Ages months with adult; 30 min. Description: For children who are ready for an independent class that includes creative expression, listening comprehension, and early reading skills. Description: Stories, songs, and activities. Ages months with adult. Drop in with your eReader or just your questions. Ages ; 30 min. Description: Calling all trivia aficionados! Join us for questions, conversation, and good times.

Prepare to be challenged with five rounds of ten questions on a broad variety of topics. Compete alone or in teams. Light refreshments. Description: Book discussion, 2nd Tuesdays; - pm. Description: Discover the gross anatomy of the human body and learn about two body systems that allow us function. Body systems to be discussed include: Cardiovascular and Respiratory. Learn about the unique features, adaptations, hunting techniques, and habitat requirements of owls. Following the presentation, ages can dissect a sterilized pellet and use investigative skills to analyze and identify the contents to determine what the owl ate!

All ages; 55 min.


Description: Discover the creativity of children's illustrators through stories and activities. Description: Take part in these legendary sky stories as you read, practice, and perform. Description: Learn about how and what owls eat, as well as how a pellet is formed in an owl's unique digestive system. Dissect a sterilized pellet and use investigative skills to analyze and identify the contents to determine what the owl ate!

Register once for all four sessions, Tue-Fri. Description: Ages Recommend books, music, and movies; develop and plan events for teens; and work with HCLS instructors on projects you create. Service hours and refreshments available.

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Attorneys provide free legal assistance for income-eligible walk-in clients. Family Law Assistance Program : Attorneys provide free legal assistance for income-eligible walk-in clients on matters such as divorce, separation, custody, child support, alimony, and name change. Description: Learn how to use a desktop of laptop computer - keyboarding, mouse and trackpad skills, file management, WordPad, Internet browsing, using search engines like Google and Bing and emails; learn the similarities and differences between laptops and smartphones iPhone and Samsung Android.

Two summers ago, on August 21, , thousands of people from across the world witnessed the "Great American Solar Eclipse," the first total solar eclipse to occur exclusively over the continental United States since January 11, Now, stargazers are getting excited to watch the Sun disappear again for a brief period on July 2, — this time, the eclipse's narrow path will extend across the South Pacific all the way to Chile and Argentina. With the days getting progressively longer and warmer in the Northern Hemisphere, summer may appear to be well under way.

However, though the meteorological season began on June 1, , the astronomical season will not start until June 21, Also known as the June solstice, it is the day when the North Pole is most inclined toward the sun, which means that everyone living north of the equator will experience the year's longest day and shortest night.

For Southern Hemisphere residents, the date heralds the official start of winter, resulting in the shortest day and longest night of the year. If you think humans are the only ones that like a little bling, you are in for a surprise. Australian scientists have discovered a new pink and fluffy fungus that adorns its long, thread-like tendrils with tiny flecks of gold collected from the soil.

The experts hope the "gold-digger" will provide them with clues on the locations of gold deposits and make prospecting for the precious metal easier, and more environmentally friendly. Reaching the summit of Mount Everest, the world's highest mountain, is every climber's dream. However, despite improvements in equipment and weather forecasting systems, the treacherous trek continues to claim a few lives annually.

But with eleven deaths already reported this year, the season has been the deadliest since , when fourteen Sherpas, who act as guides and help carry the climbers' gear, lost their lives after an icefall ledge collapsed.