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  1. Understanding Cisco Unity Features
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Kresge Library Services. Advanced search. Login: Password:. Contributor s : Gonzalez, Moises [Author]. Description: 1 online resource p. Export Cancel. Unity Connection provides a number of different call management elements that you can combine to customize how your system handles calls and collects input from callers. You can use the default configuration to play a company greeting to callers, allow them to enter user extensions or reach a directory of users, or reach an operator. Also in that guide is information on creating a call management plan, how outside callers and users interact with the Unity Connection conversation, and how administrators and users can customize the Unity Connection conversation.

In an auto attendant configuration, Unity Connection is designed to take maximum load of eight calls per second per node or 16 calls per second for Unity Connection cluster. If auto attendant traffic volume exceeds more than eight calls per second per node or 16 calls per second for Unity Connection cluster, you should use Cisco Voice Portal CVP in place of Unity Connection. Unity Connection includes a speech-enabled enhancement to the automated attendant functionality, called Speech Connect.

Speech Connect uses voice-enabled directory handlers that allow both employees and outside callers can say the name of an employee and instantly be connected, without having to navigate an audio-text tree, and without knowing the extension of the employee. For easy access for employees, you can configure a Speech Connect speed dial on user phones.

If multiple employees have the same name or if Speech Connect does not have a perfect match for the name spoken by the caller, it presents numerous name choices for the caller and can include additional information such as the employee location or department.

Understanding Cisco Unity Features

If a user or a call handler does not have a recorded name, Unity Connection uses Text to Speech to play the display name of the user or call handler. With text-to-speech feature enabled in Unity Connection, user can play the emails using phone that are accessible through the configured unified messaging account Exchange or Office Dial plan flexibility is supported through the use of partitions and search spaces, with which you can segment the Unity Connection directory for both dialing and addressing. For example, partitions and search spaces can be configured to allow for overlapping extensions, abbreviated dialing, or multi-tenant configurations.

If a user in a partition sends a voice message to another user in some other partition and both the users belongs to the same search space and share the same extension, then the called party partition gets replaced with the calling party partition. To resolve the overlapping of dial plan:. Use E. Beginning with Unity Connection To record and send a video message, make sure that:.

Unity Connection does not support sending video messages to the outside caller. See the following references for more information video messaging:. When multiple languages are installed, you can configure the language for system prompts that are played to users and callers.

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Separate greetings can be recorded for users and call handlers in each language that is installed on the system. Routing rules can be configured to set the language for a call based on how the call reached the system. You can configure Unity Connection to synchronize voice messages in a Unity Connection user mailbox with the user Exchange mailbox. You can configure Unity Connection to synchronize voice messages in a Unity Connection user mailbox with the user Exchange mailbox configured on Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite BPOS-Dedicated environments as well as other third party hosted dedicated Exchange environments.

Bandwidth and latency requirements are identical to the bandwidth and latency requirements for on-premise Microsoft Exchange environments. For more information, see the About Single Inbox section. You can also configure Connection to synchronize voice messages in Unity Connection user mailbox with the user Exchange mailbox configured on Microsoft Office Exchange based wave When Unity Connection is configured for a calendar integration, users can access calendar and meeting information from Cisco Unified MeetingPlace, Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express, and Microsoft Exchange, and can import Exchange contacts for use by rules created in the Personal Call Transfer Rules web tool and for use by voice commands when placing outgoing calls.

Unity Connection supports access to voice messages through a wide range of desktop clients, including:. Users can read, reply to, and forward messages from these types of clients.

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Users can compose, read, reply to, and forward messages when using ViewMail. Web Inbox —The Web Inbox is an application that enables users to play, compose, reply to or forward, and manage Unity Connection voice messages using a web browser. A list of all voice messages, including the caller name or number and the date and time, are displayed in a panel on the client window. Users simply click to play their voice messages. They can also sort and delete messages directly from the Lotus Sametime application. Visual Voicemail allows users to view, listen, compose, forward, delete, and respond to voice messages from their Cisco Unified IP Phone display without having to dial into their Unity Connection mailboxes.

Visual Voicemail provides enhanced functionality compared with Unity Connection Phone View, an older application that provides limited access to messages from the phone display. You should use Visual Voicemail rather than the older feature. When a user marks a message as read, the message is no longer displayed in the RSS reader, but a saved copy is available in the Unity Connection mailbox of the user. Jabber - Unity Connection The content and format of the HTML notifications received via email can be customized through a notification template, custom variables, and custom graphics.

The administrator need to follow a checklist and must take care of few steps while working on notification templates. In addition, there are certain set of activities that can be performed by the administrator and the user with some new introduced set of CUPI APIs.

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SpeechView provides transcription of user voice messages. Users can view transcriptions of their messages using an IMAP client that is configured to access their voice messages. The transcription text can also be sent to an email address or mobile device. In Unity Connection, based on your requirements, you can select either standard or professional SpeechView service to read the voicemail. The standard SpeechView service is a fully automated transcription service.

However, professional SpeechView service involves automated transcription as well as human assistance in converting speech to text and delivering the text version of the voice message to your email inbox. Unity Connection supports Cisco Jabber as client. Users can send a fax to a fax machine for printing users can specify the fax number by phone , download a fax from a supported IMAP client, and forward fax messages to other Unity Connection users.

When used in conjunction with fax detection on the Cisco IOS gateway, users can have a single number to receive both voice calls and fax calls, with voice calls forwarding to Unity Connection and fax calls forwarding to the third-party fax server. Unity Connection can integrate with the following third-party fax servers to support fax messages:.


Sagemcom Xmedius Fax SP version 6. Users can send a fax to a fax machine for printing users can specify the fax number by phone , download a fax from a supported IMAP client, and forward fax messages to other users. When used in conjunction with fax detection on the Cisco IOS gateway, users can have a single number to receive both voice calls and fax calls, with voice calls forwarding to Unity Connection and fax calls forwarding to the third-party fax servers.

Unity Connection provides a set of tools for administrating, monitoring, and troubleshooting the system. These tools, some of which are also used by Cisco Unified Communications Manager, are designed to offer a consistent experience and to streamline the ongoing management and operation of the system.

Cisco Unified Serviceability —A monitoring and troubleshooting tool for serviceability that is shared with Cisco Unified Communications Manager. This tool allows you generate reports, enable alarms, set trace information, activate or deactivate services that are generic to the platform, and configure simple network management protocol SNMP operations.

Next, he systematically introduces the underlying network technologies and protocols that make them possible. With these concepts and technologies established, he introduces several of the most important contemporary issues faced by network implementers and managers, including quality of service, Internet telephony, multimedia, network security, and network management.

Comer has carefully designed this book to support both top-down and bottom-up teaching approaches. Students need no background in operating systems, and no sophisticated math: Comer relies throughout on figures, drawings, examples, and analogies, not mathematical proofs.

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The historical disconnect between legacy Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPN solutions has forced service providers to build, operate, and maintain separate infrastructures to accommodate various VPN access technologies. This costly proposition, however, is no longer necessary. In addition to describing the concepts related to Layer 2 VPNs, this book provides an extensive collection of case studies that show you how these technologies and architectures work.

The case studies include both AToM and L2TPv3 and reveal real-world service provider and enterprise design problems and solutions with hands-on configuration examples and implementation details. It is the official protocol of the Internet and, consequently, has become the predominant communications protocol suite in many private networks and internetworks. Learn about packetized data transfer, open networking, reference models, and standards bodies. IP telephony represents the future of telecommunications: a converged data and voice infrastructure boasting greater flexibility and more cost-effective scalability than traditional telephony.

Written in short, to-the-point sections, this book lets you explore the tips, tricks, and lessons learned that will help you plan, install, configure, back up, restore, upgrade, patch, and secure Cisco CallManager, the core call processing component in a Cisco IP Telephony deployment. Customers inspired this book by asking the same questions time after time: How do I configure intercom? What do all those services really do?

Cisco Unity Fundamentals - Brian Morgan, Moises Gonzalez - Google Libros

How do I know how many calls are active? Years of expert experiences condensed for you in this book enable you to run a top-notch system while enhancing the performance and functionality of your IP telephony deployment. Account Options Sign in. Top Charts. New Arrivals. Reviews Review Policy.

Deploying Enterprise Voicemail with Cisco Unity Connection

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