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Therefore The Comedy of Errors is often seen in a very limited dimension. This quote is probably the best-known of the whole play and represents one of the main themes of the play. All the characters seem to be on a constant search for someone or something they have lost. After a short introduction to the play, its reception and its sources, the main focus of the paper will lie on the investigation of the lost and found theme in The Comedy of Errors.

The direct search for a person will be analyzed as well as the seeking for love, harmony, family and identity. There is no source which proofs when exactly Shakespeare wrote it, but it must have been between and and thus it is one of his earliest plays. CoE was not published until in the First Folio [4] edition. So one can expect numerous changes from the original version to the version officially published about 30 years later. Nonetheless the version in the First Folio, which probably derived from the Foul Papers [5] , was the basis for all the subsequent editions of the play.

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Form and structure are typical for Shakespeare. CoE is a five-act-play written in verse and prose. According to the situation on stage and to the characters the language differs greatly. Antipholus of Syracuse talks differently to his slave Dromio in his position as a master in contrast to the way he speaks to Luciana, who he falls in love with.

It is a mixture of different ways of viewing the world, of which different dramatic styles are ultimately a reflection. During the performance of CoE the spectators experience the story of the twins in in modern terms real time. The set does not change like it does in other plays, bit it stays at Ephesus. Therefore the spectators can focus their attention completely on the farcical story. Egeon, a [8] merchant of Syracuse, is caught in the city of Ephesus and accused of having ignored the law by stepping on Ephesus grounds, because the two cities are on bad terms with each other.

Egeon tells him the story of his life: Over 20 years ago he travelled home to Syracuse from Epidamnum by ship. He was accompanied by his wife and his baby twin sons, who were both named Antipholus because they were so much alike. There was also another pair of twin boys, both called Dromio, whom Egeon had bought as slaves for his sons. Unfortunately the family was separated by shipwreck in a violent storm. Egeon managed to rescue one Antipholus and one Dromio. His wife disappeared with the other two boys. After 20 years the Antipholus in the play called Antipholus of Syracuse AoS who was rescued by his father decided to search for his mother an his twin brother without the agreement of the father.

He went off with his servant Dromio DOS. Later the father decided to travel, too, in order to look for his lost family. On his way he unfortunately entered Ephesus, was caught and brought to the Duke. At the same time AoS enters Ephesus in company of DoS and wonders why everybody is on such friendly terms with him although he is a stranger in town. Immediately, after he has sent his servant away to run some errands the action gets complicated because Dromio of Ephesus DoE enters the stage and confuses AoS with his master Antipholus of Ephesus AoE.

This is the first of many misunderstandings and confusions in the play which comprise the comical effect and give the play its title.

About Comedy of Errors

Adriana, the wife of AoE, deems her brother-in-law to be her husband and accuses him jealously of not being loyal to her. AoS falls in love with Luciana, the sister of Adriana. More Details. Register Login Forgot Password. Novelguide Homework Help Studyhall. What are You Studying? Ask Question Novelguide Rooms. The Comedy of Errors: Theme Analysis. The Comedy of Errors William Shakespeare. Top Novelguides.

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Up Close and Virtual. Instructions for writing a good argumentative essay. William Shakespeare.

The Comedy of Errors - Investigation on the lost & found theme in Shakespeare's shortest play

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Richard II. Romeo and Juliet. The Taming Of The Shrew. The Comedy of Errors. The Tempest. The Winter's Tale. Twelfth Night.

Comedy of Errors

King Henry VI part 3. King Henry VI Part 2. Two Gentelmen of Verona. Timon of Athens. Titus Andronicus. Troilus and Cressida. Richard III. About Us Novelguide. Our Networks novelguide. Terms of Use Copyright Privacy. A Christmas Carol. A Clean Well Lighted Place. Interestingly, the conceits of this play are so man Antipholus and Egeon separately seek their lost family membersThe play begins amidst confusion, as Egeon seeks his lost son and S. The first public performance of The Comedy of Errors was basically a flashmob, thrown onto an unsuspecting audience.

Shakespeare, still a relatively new playwright, presented the piece during the C The PG rating would be more for vulgarity. However, we do get