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Golden Age or Not – It's Up to You
  1. Age of Aquarius – Only if You Make it Happen
  2. The Rise of Silicon Modern
  3. A Golden Age: Ridding the Earth of Conflict
  4. Teachings, Meditations & Inspirational Music

Kirael, one of the Old Ones, has been filling that role for the past A Very Bright Future. With the new Golden Age finally on track, the future for our world looks better than ever. The challenges of our past have allowed humanity an amazing potential. Mandela Effect: Our world. What is changing? A protective veil. Mandela Effect: Human Ana. Towards greater harmony. Increasing waves. Changes are still being made. A golden path. Cause of the mandala effect.

Sexuality to the surface Octo Working in layers.

Age of Aquarius – Only if You Make it Happen

Come see the show. A little about New Golden Age Change is happening at a breath-taking pace. And you? You get to be a part of it!

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Read more The Shift. A world with magic. Awakening love. The space around us. Non-terrestrial Intelligent Life. A world in light. The Awakening of Sentience. The history of the Anu involvement in our world. Latest articles. Why people remember Changes are still being made Why people remember Changes are still being made Cause of the mandala effect What is changing? Age range of Mandela Effectees. Why people remember. Audio: Mandela Effect - Stop whining. Types of Mandela effectees.

The Rise of Silicon Modern

The fractal Mandela effect. Nibiru is unrelated to the Mandela Effect. Bacon believed that it was possible to avoid wars through the study of astrology. He said that if leaders of the Church had read the astrological warnings—such as the comet of , which preceded the battles that broke out all over Europe—they might have averted the wars of their times.

Saint Germain was embodied as Roger Bacon. He read the handwriting in the skies when he was Roger Bacon, and he reads it today. He brings a warning and a prophecy of the negative portents of Aquarius.

The Coming Golden Age

He also comes to tell us that we have the power to change the future and to make the Aquarian age a golden age. The scientific breakthroughs of the next 12 years—and the next years—could greatly improve the quality of life for all. They could provide greater wealth and leisure, greater health and longer life. They could help us launch a real revolution in education. These new discoveries will give us new powers.

But we will need a commensurate spiritual revolution so that we will use these powers wisely and well. In our lifetime, we will have to decide where to draw the line. Scientists have already genetically engineered pigs and cows to bear human genes. They have grown a human ear on the back of a mouse. It was precisely this kind of genetic manipulation taken to extremes that led to the sinking of Atlantis. Will we use new communications technology to educate and inform—or to control people and deprive them of their privacy?

Will we decide that people with defective genes shouldn't be allowed to procreate—or even to be born? Scientific progress is on the verge of permanently dividing societies into those who understand technology and those who do not. If that happens, the technological elite will control the wealth and power. The technological have-nots will become a permanent underclass. That situation is a formula for disaster.

During the transit of Uranus in Aquarius, we need to change and grow. But we must avoid anarchy. Under these fourteen Luminous Beings were fourteen lesser Masters, who formed the heads of seven departments, controlling the activities of science, industry and art. Each of the department heads guided the work under his care by conscious and direct contact with the God in himself. Hence, direct from their Source did all direction and instruction come for those under them. Thus, Divine Perfection was constantly flowing through without any interference from the human.

There has never been anything on earth since that time which has even approached such heights. In the ancient records, that have come down to the present day, this former civilization is always referred to as the Golden Age, and so it was in every activity of Life. She is a Land of Light, and Her Light shall blaze forth brilliant as the sun at noonday among the nations of the earth. She was a Land of Great Light ages ago and will again come into her spiritual heritage for nothing can prevent it.

She is strong within her own mind and body, stronger than you think, and that strength she will exert to rise out of and throw off from border to border all that weighs heavily upon her at the present time. Through Their protection and love, she shall fulfill that destiny. We, the Ascended Host of Light -- love and guard you. We love you. Beloved ones in America, be not discouraged when the seeming dark clouds hang low. Everyone of them shall show you its golden lining. Again I say, 'America, we love you. They will be more interested in the welfare of America than in their own personal ambitions and private fortunes.

Thus, will another Golden Age reign upon earth, and will be maintained for an aeon. To understand better the seven departments and how it might be organized today. The first scenes portrayed the continent of "Mu"—the activity and accomplishment of its people, and the height to which that civilization attained. This covered a period of thousands of years. A cataclysm occurred which tore the surface of the earth— until all collapsed within itself.

The ancient land of Mu sank beneath the waves—of what is now the Pacific Ocean—where it still rests wrapped in its mantle of water. Again—it will rise—and once more absorb the Life and Light of the physical sun. Next, came the growth to beauty, wisdom, and power of Atlantis, a great continent covering a large part of what is now the Atlantic Ocean.

A Golden Age: Ridding the Earth of Conflict

At that time, there existed solid land between Central America and what today is Europe. It left but a small remnant of Atlantis—merely an island in mid-ocean—cut off from close contact with the rest of the civilized world. The east and west portions of the land had sunk beneath the Atlantic Ocean—leaving only the island called Poseidonis. It had been the heart of the then known civilized world, and preparation was made—to protect and preserve—its most important activities—as a central focus—to carry forward certain unfinished work.

In that period very great attainment was reached both—spiritually and materially.

Teachings, Meditations & Inspirational Music

The mechanical development of this cycle reached a very high state of achievement, and one of its most remarkable expressions was the perfection of their aerial navigation. The air-transportation of our modern life is—as yet—very crude and primitive— compared to what was then on Atlantis. The Great Masters of Light and Wisdom—made this possible—for the people of Poseidonis because they inspired, instructed, protected, and revealed knowledge of great advancement—in every phase of human activity. A large portion of these people became aware of the—Great Inner God Power—within the individual but as before—the human side of their nature or outer activities again usurped—the Great Energy.

Selfishness and misuse of this transcendent wisdom and power gained the ascendency to even greater height than before. The Masters of the Ancient Wisdom—saw the people were building another destructive momentum—and that a third cataclysm was threatening. They warned the inhabitants—again and again as previously—but only those who served the "Light" gave heed. Great buildings were constructed—of imperishable material—where records were placed—that have been preserved through the centuries.

These remain in a state of perfect preservation—now—on the bed of the Atlantic Ocean—hermetically sealed.

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They will be brought to the light of day—by the Great Ones—who directed their preparation—and control their protection. In them are recorded humanity's advance and accomplishment of that period, so there has been no permanent loss to mankind of the activities of the Atlantean civilization.

Beside the preserving of such records, great wealth, principally gold and jewels, was transferred at that time to other points of safety. This has been and will continue to be guarded over the centuries—and used at a future time for the uplift and advancement of generations—yet unborn. The final cataclysm spent its momentum, and the last remaining fragment of a once world-empire sank to rest—for purification through the centuries—beneath the present Atlantic Ocean. The remembrance of Atlantis and her people, unlike the lost continent of Mu, has not been entirely forgotten or obliterated in the history of mankind—for it has been recorded in many ways through the centuries.

Even though twelve thousand years have elapsed since the sinking, fragments of information concerning it—still drift to us from most unexpected channels. As time goes on indisputable proof—of its existence and the height of its attainment—will be revealed by oceanography, geology, and other scientific data.

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