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Sort order. Feb 03, Kimber rated it it was ok Shelves: short-fiction. Anthologies are always such a hodge podge. One thing I want to say though: Bobbie Ann Mason amazes me. Dec 06, Vanessa rated it really liked it. Some of the stories I'd wager were only included because they tinkered with the short story format, but that kind of tinkering is old hat now so the masterpiece mantle doesn't fit very well anymore-see "The Amish Farmer" by Vance Bourjaily. None of the reviewers can agree on what the best or worst stories were, so here are my random thoughts because random is what I do best.

It was also just turned into a movie of the same name. All of her stories are about people with moral failings who end up getting maimed or killed in some spectacular fashion, their comeuppance often highly disproportionate to their misdeeds. The schadenfreude is not cute. Having said all that, this is probably one of her best. Jenks explains in the preface that they excluded writers who were included in the Short Story Masterpieces anthology, which somewhat explains the gaping abyss left by not including John Cheever.

And, how is there no Truman Capote? The fact that there is almost no agreement on what stories were good or bad would make this great classroom discussion material, although some of the stories are too explicit to ever fly at the high school level. Aug 04, Rachel rated it it was amazing. I loved reading this book.

The Rich Man, Poor Man, Short Story | Write4Fun

I'm sad that it's over. I always forget how much I like short stories, so I don't read enough of them. This was a fun collection because it's filled with 20th-century American stories, most of which I'd never read in an anthology before. Anyway, I highly recommend the collection. It's great for a straight read-through or sporadic reading. Jul 18, Jess rated it it was amazing. Jenks is the master. Read and learn. Aug 25, Joseph Riden rated it really liked it.

An excellent source for writers looking for stories against which to gauge their own work; also for any enthusiast of short stories who hasn't read some of the stories included in this collection. I found some to like and some that I didn't care for. This kind of reading helps me in so many ways with my own writing, from setting standards, to simply broadening my horizons.

There is something here for everyone who likes short stories. I doubt I will ever be "done" with reading these stories. Also, An excellent source for writers looking for stories against which to gauge their own work; also for any enthusiast of short stories who hasn't read some of the stories included in this collection. Also, any non-writers who love stories will undoubtedly find things to like here. There is a second Editor who was not mentioned in this listing: Tom Jenks, Author of "A Poerics of Fiction," a very respectable craft book for advanced writers. Who knows? I can't afford it yet.

But back to my point: he's a respected Editor and mentor of Editors. No doubt his contribution to this story collection affected the quality of the selections. Feb 05, Cathy Ryan rated it it was amazing. Collection of literary short stories that give a "shock of recognition that is the hallmark of great art. Well worth reading over again. Many great examples of the literary short story form. Apr 04, Laura Helle rated it really liked it. I like reading short story collections when life is crazy and I don't have the endurance for anything more.

Some of the stories were misses for me, but enough hits to recommend it wholeheartedly. Thanks mom and dad for a great Christmas present! Jan 19, Janet rated it it was amazing. This is a dense collection and it takes perseverance at times to make the switches between stories. Nov 23, Melinda Christensen rated it liked it Shelves: adult-fiction , short-story. I've just decided that I can't really get emotionally involved in a story that is short. May 12, Susanna Grant rated it it was amazing. Actually, I'm not sure I'll ever be finished reading this -- in a good way.

I pick this up when I'm between novels, open randomly and flip until I find a story I haven't read yet and read that. Some of the stories are good and some are phenomenal. The phenomenal ones I've read several times, and I expect I'll read them several times more.

Tip top favorites include: "Sonny's Blues" - James Baldwin - guy picks up his brother from jail after being arrested for heroin "Walking Out" - David Quammen - k Actually, I'm not sure I'll ever be finished reading this -- in a good way. I didn't know it had been a short story first. It's pretty cool to compare the two, see how they decided to expand it for the movie. I liked that while this is still a collection of funny short stories, a number of them also have pretty poignant endings. Jan 31, Ray rated it liked it Shelves: read-in This is the third collection of his I've read, his latest.

I'll keep trying because when Rich is good, he's very very good. I loved "The Baby" and "Relapse". These two revisit a common Rich theme, dashing the dreams of writers and artists. I totally get however why others might be offended by it. The last four stories however, I thought were very weak. It's interesting to read other reviews, and see how other folks' lists of hits and misses compare with yours.

Humor is like that. Jun 09, Jonathan Kramer rated it really liked it. Creative, zany and poignant, his stories are driven by his experiences in Entertainment, while some are biblical with a dash of film. Diverse in nature, some are laugh out loud while others are 'misses' much as the title says. Out of the gate, the first one was my favorite of all and any author or wannabe like myself, will surely agree. Very talented guy with great Known in the world of TV and film, Simon Rich is a true gem, and it s no wonder he's been involved with the likes of SNL and others. Very talented guy with great stories to tell!

Jan 20, Tyler Jones rated it liked it Shelves: short-stories , the-fun-stuff , movies-and-television. While there is a certain, shall we say, lack of thematic and stylistic breadth in these stories, they are on the whole quite funny to very funny. Reading Simon Rich is like what reading Woody Allen used to be like before you found out he was such a creep. Jan 13, Mike rated it it was amazing. I love Simon Rich. This one was fun because he moved into some new territories than his previous work. Rather than relationships and contemporary issues, he played even more with genre and stretched himself a little.

Dec 25, Taylor Johnson rated it really liked it. His humor is still so strong it fills me with undying jealousy. Everyone should read a Simon Rich book. This one is nearly perfect. Dec 25, Zara rated it liked it. Hot take? Rich is a misogynist. I found the stories amusing but am kind of disgusted with myself afterwards.

4 hilarious stories by Simon Rich

Jul 06, lp rated it it was amazing. Just as funny as I hoped it would be, but also much wiser. These essays are tiny lil bursts of very weird hilarity. Treat after treat after treat! Nobody writes quite like Simon Rich.

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Love it. Aug 07, Randi rated it it was ok. I absolutely loved the first story, but none of the ones after it really charmed me. Nov 17, John Lamb rated it really liked it. Light and funny as usual.

Mar 24, Soleil Sadler rated it liked it. This entertaining collection will get you thinking. Nov 15, Bill rated it liked it. Funny in parts. I wanted to read it because it's largely about people much younger than I am and I don't really know what people in their late twenties are like these days. It's hard to write whole stories that are funny throughout and I thought the funniest story was one about the April Fool's pranks a doctor likes to play on his patients.

This wasn't so much a story, however, as a collection of jokes. Oct 22, Katherine rated it liked it Shelves: fiction. Some really amusing pieces here. I especially liked the one about foosball which originally appeared in The New Yorker. Below, one quotation that caught my fancy: "'I came to the desert to purify my soul!

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Not to help indulge some privileged Roman whore'" Sep 07, William rated it liked it. This is a fast read, and it is reasonably fun, but Rich is no Donald Barthelme. While the stories are very creative in setting, there is a sameness to the structure -- some "show-offy" cleverness followed by a twist ending. There is also a behind the scenes aura of sadness -- many of the characters are unhappy. And Rich really has it in for organized religion, though I did not find it unfair.

But an equal number just did not work for me "Stage 13," the longest one in the book, "New Client," and especially a not very funny lunch with Adolf Hitler. Unfortunately, I did not get beyond a grin in reading these. I would call the book "sort of funny. Aug 25, Fabulitas rated it liked it. Hits and misses indeed.

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The one with singer songwriter was a little heartbreaking and the one with time travel was great though still it hasn't fully realised its potential I think , the rest elicited a couple of smiles, but that's it, I'm forgetting them already. Sarah throws a weekly dinner party and invites everyone of them over. They quote Borat for hours and I have to laugh, like it's a new thing. Every single Sunday! A dinner party with her fucking friends who still quote Borat! What do you think about that? Kyle could feel the man's hot breath on his skin.

It's so fucking boring I can't get past page fifty. My eyes just glaze over. But guess what? I've gotta finish the whole fucking thing, because she signed us up for a book club and I'm going to have to fucking talk about the book in front of her fucking goddamn friends. He hoped the prisoner would move on to somebody else.

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But the inmate could obviously sense that he was on the verge of breaking. Look how fucking developed they are. That's from Pilates. Do you know what the fuck Pilates is? Neither did I, until I had a long-term girlfriend. Now I've gotta do it every fucking Wednesday because she cried one time and said I needed to get serious about my health! Are you listening to the fucking shit I'm saying? The inmate folded his arms and stared off into the distance.

But now? This life is all I know. I'm an institutional man, pure and simple. Hell, even if she released me, I wouldn't know how to live on the outside. Where would I go to pick up girls? Is Radio Bar still cool? Or is it played out? I don't even know, like, what the cool places are anymore.