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The author is only in her early sixties, but clearly that is old enough for her to understand the insecurities and regrets Thea is grappling with. Thea is smart, pragmatic, blunt, and a little cranky, and she does a terrific job of walking us through a story that is ultimately horrific.

Thea is a retired school principal who was forced to end her career following a profoundly humiliating event connected to her friendship with a young male teacher. She now lives in the Blue Mountains with her dog Ted. Due to an unfortunate financial investment, she's had to sell her dream house, a building she designed as a sanctuary in which to see out her days. She moves into the rundown cottage a stone's throw away from the dream house and watches resentfully as the new owners take over.

Thea intends to continue her very private life from the hovel, but the interlopers Frank, his wife Ellice, and their 12 year old niece Kim, who've moved to the bush from Sydney, are more of a presence than she'd bargained for. Thea struggles with her changed circumstances. She says: 'I thought I was going fairly well today but I got worse as the day wore on. The invaders went backwards and forwards outside their house like a team of scurrying ants.

The Tree of Life, Book One On the Brink of the Precipice, 1939 Library Of World Fiction

I think he and the girl took a load of empty boxes to the tip. There was some friendly waving. I pretended not to notice.

Writing at the Edge: Somatic Labs--a space to share — Precipice

Despite herself, Thea forms a bond with young Kim. What will be your poethical wager? Your precipice? Why now? Share your creative and critical responses here. Tanz, Ton, Wort. They remind us that there is a power in the collective: collective words [dialogue] AND collective intention [manifesto]. Without protest there is no humanity, maybe civility, but certainly not humanity. In exploring this rite, I invoke ritual and its importance in showing the value of crossing thresholds, shifting and shedding shapes, and transforming self and community.

Where does the energy to create change come from? What shapes does it take and how can we embody or inhabit it? There is a parallel in history here that I cannot ignore. Laban's expressive movement choirs in Germany—moving able-bodies together—were appropriated by the Olympic Youth the Third Reich in the Berlin Olympics to create propaganda. While the Olympic Youth choir demonstrated the power of aesthetic, unified movement, it also revealed just how much intention matters in ritual, rite, art, and protest.

America revisits this dilemma in the protest of racist, Confederate Statues in the South. The protest of protesting the Neo-Nazi groups attacking the Black Lives Matter community dilutes, distracts, and silences the movement—the choir. How can we reclaim the movement choir and use it to dismantle and thus, remediate this injustice? While Isadora Duncan on the American scene used music as the impulse to drive or channel movement through and with her body and sculpture to model her shapes, Laban insisted that the impulse for movement should stir from within the dancers themselves.

Are we vessels, containers, conduits, mediums, translators, sculptors? Are we breath, prana, light, sound, gesture, flint and wood, brush and wind? YES, AND…Embracing both—quantum creativity—becomes a practice of not just making but listening to how we make and are made: poesis. Offering a space to practice listening—receptivity as the alchemy of receptacle AND flow [shunter AND shifter of cilia, proprioceptor, and dendrite]—becomes more important than performing, producing, or publishing the work.

It is the gesture that offers change [Anna Joy Springer: how do you feel about hearing yourself AND yourself hearing this from a tube warm and wet with words? Anna Joy Springer and Ginger Teppner not only unpack the archetypal knowledge of BIRD, but they also embody the swooping, circling, forming, and fleeing of BIRD—the energy, impulse, of flight, vision, instinct, and migration.

How do birds nest, fly, flee, float, flock, reach, rupture alone and together? How does the line draw you?


Oh, and yes, Flash Mobs are kind of like movement choirs, but then, not at all, [yet, still fun. Find your flock. Hold your choir in a public space. You may find that as the movement choir unfolds witnesses may join in. This is great. Keep the movement score open, yet direct. They can remain in the moment the pulse, hearing blood in vessel and vessel in blood. Below is a list of Laban effort shapes that can be used as direction to score your movement choir.

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Start with four or five. Define how you will transition from one to the next: breath cue, destination arrival, music shift, or. You may write the score on a poster, hand out little cards, or yell out as you go.

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Both have value: dancesound-word; word-sound-dance. After the movement choir just as in after the protest, the rite, the ritual contemplate, reflect, and contemplate again in dance, sound, or words. What now?

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How now? Revisionary: Select a piece of writing or choreography or music. Create a score at the intersection of what you are feeling and what you would like to feel. Repeat the Generative Sequence. In-post experience, what has your movement choir done with your words? How can protest [how can movement choir as protest] change the course of the conversation?

The Beginning

How does it peel back the edges of scar, scab, band-aid, blanket, muzzle, duct tape and let the air in and the voice out? What happens to your piece when you give it to people? Erica Hodge rated it really liked it Sep 04, Peter rated it really liked it Mar 18, Darrell rated it liked it Nov 16, Marianne marked it as to-read Mar 23, Steve Laube marked it as to-read Apr 17, Eric marked it as to-read May 15, Tasha Turner marked it as to-read May 20, John Scumaci marked it as to-read Jun 23, Catherine marked it as to-read Jun 28, Bostick marked it as to-read Mar 06, David marked it as to-read Mar 24, Kathy added it Dec 27, Rebekah marked it as to-read Nov 25, Christopher marked it as to-read Jan 07, Jackson Roland added it Jan 29, Eli marked it as to-read May 30, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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