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Is Alberto for Real?

Select a player. Midfielder Alberto "I like to play the final pass"". Facebook Twitter Whatsapp Pinterest. News about two comics titled "Alberto" and "Double-Cross" - these two volumes in a series were not given import approval in Canada. The reason: they deal with anti-Catholic hate literature. Through a hint from a private source this import of slanderous writings was brought into the open. The Justice Department in Ottawa inspected the contents of the magazines and classed them as slanderous material on immoral grounds.

Chick, Chono. The magazine "Alberto" pretends to be a confession from an ex-Jesuit. All information about the ex-Spanish Jesuit priest, whose name was Alberto Rivera, was proven by the Church Authorities in Rome and Madrid to be fabricated. Chick, but the Californian Justice Minister simply refused the request to take steps against Mr.

In reality, the magazines "Alberto" and "Double-Cross" were never really forbidden in Canada at any time; this is only something that the Catholic officers would have liked to see. The officer, who jumped to conclusions and imposed a ban on imports of his own accord, lost his job because the Protestant League filed a court case against the aforementioned justice officer and won the trial.

Thanks to the judges decision, there are no more import restrictions, and the accusations of anti-Catholic hate literature and slanderous material on immoral grounds vanished into thin air. If Father Pittau is saying now that there is no Father Alberto Rivera in his congregation, in this respect it is true, because Alberto has not held this office for years.

Alberto in the meantime has been saved through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and thanks God for his redemption. Maybe, by a more careful examination of the personal documents of the Archbishopric of Madrid-Alcala, Spain, they would have come to a positive result concerning the question of Alberto's existence. Or did they consciously and carefully not take the exact truth in this case. The documents printed overleaf prove to the observant reader that the existence of the Jesuit priest Alberto is definite.

Because there is still some space left, here is the reason for our suspicion of occult infiltration.

It is written a few lines further on in the same 'Bildpost' magazine, "You always wanted to go to Fatima? The Mother of God gave her peace message there. Those who let themselves be moved in Fatima most likely never forget the prayer for peace After that follows an invitation to participate in a Fatima pilgimage. Therefore, we unequivocally explain that this peace message is a dangerous occult deceit, because there is no indication in the Bible that the mother of Jesus has superhuman or supernatural abilities. His security forces were equally as strict as the Gestapo had been in Germany.

To obtain this document, Alberto had to supply birth certificate, identification papers and positive proof from his Archdiocese of being a priest. The priest, Alberto Rivera, had to be approved by all of these organisations to receive this document. There was no way it could have been a forgery. There is no question he was a priest.

What you see here is positive proof. This document was granted by a government that had pledged absolute submission to the Pope through the Concordat signed by the Government of Spain and the Vatican. Last official certification given to Alberto from the clerical office in Mardrid just before he left Spain, with a rough English translation of the same official document. Skip to main content. Contact Us. Search form. Specific Information about Alberto. Printable PDF Version.

This is a translation of a letter written to German Christians Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ!

Alberto Rivera - RationalWiki

Rivera former Jesuit priest Does Dr. His Instructors taught him how to Infiltrate and destroy Protestant churches and aid the ecumenical movement. He claims he destroyed numerous Christian churches throughout the world.

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Then he was ordained a Jesuit priest and became a bishop. Because of his experience he was ordered to join the ecumenical forces under the Pope. There he says he learned that the Catholic church had secretly joined forces with the Communists, the Masons, the Illuminati, and the charismatic movement. The hypocrisy of It all was too much for him. He began to expose what Rome was planning. For this he was committed to a sanitarium. There, on the verge of death, he was converted. Since he knew too much. He then rescued his sister, a nun, from death In a British convent.

He now claims to be running for his life, hunted by Jesuit assassins.

Is Alberto For Real?

As a result of the negative response to Alberto, Jack Chick has published a special, free promotional tract In its defense. In that tract, Jack Chick states that Christian bookstores are being Infiltrated by undercover Catholic propaganda teams who pressure the owner until he "compromises with Rome and pulls Alberto out of the store. In support of the book's truthfulness, on January 30, , Alberto Rivera issued a sworn statement defendIng his allegations.

Rivera declared, In part, " 'Alberto' is a true and actual account, and I will face a court ot [sic law to prove the events actually took place. I hereby challenge anyone who would refute or try to prove the facts and information in this book are untrue. Chick and Alberto Rivera for "false advertising and consu. Is Alberto's story true? Alberto Rivera, also known as Alberto Romero, has a history of legal entanglements.

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He is currently Involved in a court action In Southern California, accused of fraud. The property was never purchased. When Mr. In , a warrant for his arrest was issued in Hoboken, New Jersey, for writing bad checks. Alberto began collecting funds for a college in Tarrassa, Spain. When the Church of God of Prophecy wrote the college to see if he was authorized to collect funds on their behalf, the church received the following reply: the college had given him a letter to collect funds, but only for the month of July.

The school later discovered that while he "claimed to be a Catholic priest In a letter to the Department of Justice, Rev. Charles Hawkins of the Church of God of Prophecy stated Alberto's bank had contacted them because he had written a check to Delta Air Lines on a closed account. The second warrant was for the.

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From there he moved to Southern California. Alberto's account of his conversion is contradictory. In while working for the Christian Reformed Church, he said he was converted from Catholicism in July of Now he maintains it was in He says he immediately defected from the Catholic church. However, five months later, in August of , he was still promoting Catholicism and the ecumenical movement in a newspaper interview in his hometown of Las Palmas in the Canary Islands. Another discrepancy involves his three month stay in a sanitarium.

In Alberto, he says he was placed in a sanitarium in for exposing the Catholic church. This would put his "conversion" and release from the sanitarium no later than April, The book Alberto lists his release as September, Alberto doesn't reveal what happened during those one and a half years.